Sometimes you just need a chick flick. Or two.

Whether its to soothe a broken heart, add to a slumber party or help bridge the gap between strangers, chick flicks really pull through.

Tonight was the perfect example.

(btw I’m counting this as a postaday post even though its past midnight in England because I’m still up and am going to be for the rest of the night so there.)

I’m on shift for a volunteering thing I do tonight, hence the staying up, and due to the nature of the volunteering – which due to confidentiality and anonymity reasons I cannot disclose – you aren’t really doing any work for most of the 12 hours you’re on shift.

Tonight I was placed with a woman I’d never met before which made me a tad anxious but it turns out we get along pretty well actually. About an hour in we realised we’d both brought DVDs and the decision process started.

First came the ‘action’ or ‘chick flick’ call. A tricky one. But in the end chick flick won the battle.

Then came which chick flick – an even trickier decision to make. And believe me there were a lot of choices. Eventually we settled on ‘What’s Your Number’ – an absolute favourite of mine starring Anna Farris and Chris Evans that if you haven’t seen you need to check out – followed by the modern classic ‘Easy A’ – another stellar film.

I feel like we bonded over our shared love and rampant picking apart of those movies!

Now we’ve parted from the TV and have gone our separate ways – her with a book and me with the laptop that I’m typing this on – and the silence could be seen as awkward, but its not – its comfortable.

So thank you chick flicks. You might be predictable, cheesy and fulfil many stereotypes but when you’re needed you really pull through. Till next time – probably when I’m crying over my grades and need to distract myself from real life…


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