I know I want to travel, I know I want to see the world, and I know that doing it on my own is my only real option. But I don’t know if I’m ready for it, if I’m able to travel the world and live so far away from home. I don’t know if I’m cut out for it, or ever will be.

I loved travelling last summer with my Brother to Rome and with the girls to Barcelona, however I also love the thought of being in sole control of my itinerary; but that’s also what scares me.

My plan at the moment is to get qualified to teach English as a foreign language as soon as I graduate university and then take up teaching positions around the world, working for 6 months to a year and then exploring with the money I’ve earned. I’d do this for a few years after uni and use my experiences as inspiration for my novels and maybe even venture into non-fiction. Then maybe after like 5 years I’d have an idea of what I want as a long term job or, if the universe is kind to me, then I will have become a reasonably successful published author.

But I don’t know if I’d be any good at teaching or living abroad – and I’ve never been good at learning foreign languages – and 2 years is a long time to wait until I can start making more definite plans. That time until I graduate is good in a way, time to decide whether I would be suited or not. But that time also seems bad, because its time to spend stressing and worrying about what the future might hold…



6 thoughts on “Travelling?

  1. I’ll too be travelling alone for the first time next year… nerve wracking but just think of what a sense of achievement it will be! Have you looked at STA travel? They do some packages where they find you a placement teaching English and provide the course too and their prices are good! Where are you hoping on travelling to? Followed your blog btw 🙂

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    • Hiya! Wow that’s amazing! No I haven’t heard of STA but I’ll definitely look them up, they sound great, thanks for the recommendation 🙂 Thanks for the follow! I’m not sure where to start to be honest!! I want to see Thailand, China, Japan, India, Mexico, Australia, Cuba and so many others! Where are you planning on going?

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      • Yes look into it for sure! I’m planning on going to Thailand, Cambodia and from Cambodia to Australia (possibly Perth). I’m booking a one way ticket first (around £290 – £350) to Bangkok from London and then deciding on my return date a little later. I’m so excited but also so nervous as this is something I’m going to be doing on my own something which I never thought I’d do!

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      • Wow that sounds perfect! I’m so jealous 🙂 that’s great that you’re doing it even though it makes you nervous, it gives me hope that I’ll have the courage to do the same. I can’t wait to read your blog posts all about it – maybe it will give me some inspiration on where I should start!

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      • I’ve just gotten out of a three year relationship and I think that’s what’s given me the drive to do it. Fuck it, life is too short!!

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