These were the words my doctor used to describe my blood pressure, but I feel I might appropriate them to speak more broadly about myself.

‘Not perfect’ – well that’s definitely true! Far from it, lets be honest. Then again, who is perfect? And what does perfection even mean? I think that by striving for perfection you’re reaching for an impossible goal. Perfection doesn’t exist, at least not as a universal idea. If it does exist, its in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is perfect to someone.

‘Near enough normal’ – if you’ve read my post on normality then you’ll already know my opinion on that subject. But if you’re talking about western society’s idea of normal then ok, near enough probably does fit me. I’m not a complete social outcast, I do go out but I’m also a lazy student. If that’s not ‘normal’ I don’t know what is! But I also love sci fi and fantasy and would rather go on the ps4 then socialise with another human being…so yeah, I’ll take ‘near enough’.

What about you? How would you describe yourself? Or your blood pressure? (I’m not picky!!! 😀 )


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