Did you note the sarcasm? Good. I was hoping you would.

When I came to Cardiff in September I was unsure about the whole ‘flatmate’ thing, whilst feeling altogether grateful that I don’t live in America and thus don’t have to have a roommate – God forbid!

As a self-confessed introvert, I wasn’t sure how well I would cope with sharing my space. It turns out I’m not too bad. But not great either. I hate having to share a fridge and kitchen space with other people; lets not even start talking about washing up in the sink or I’ll rant all day! Also, I’m not overly fond of the near constant expectation for interaction; sometimes I just want to make my breakfast in peaceful solitude and not with someone else’s music blasting while they loudly inform me about their political views.

That’s not to say I dislike my flatmates, though I do get along with some better than others, its just that they seem to, on the whole, possess an innate sense of selfishness.

I’m not talking about anything to do with the kitchen – although I really could – I’m talking about them having a loud drunken gathering the night before my last exam. Which they knew about. And yet they still decided to scream, shout, loudly laugh and just altogether make a hell of a lot of noise until 1 in the morning. All I wanted was an early night the night before my exam, was that really too much to ask?

If they really must’ve had this gathering, which it seems like they really did, they could have at least kept it in the kitchen where the sound becomes an irritating hum that I can just about manage to tune out. But no. They spilt out into the corridor and into my next door neighbour’s room. And even beyond that, they banged on my door repeatedly, drunkenly yelling my name followed by peels of laughter.

When one of my flatmates reminded them that I had an exam the next day I heard my neighbour say ‘I don’t care’ and continue merrily on her noisy way. Am I wrong to feel that they were being incredibly selfish and uncaring?

The icing on the cake was the next day when I went into the kitchen – which was an absolute wreck by the way – for my dinner and bumped into my neighbour who acted like nothing had happened. Was I wrong to have wanted a tiny little apology? Was that too much to ask?

I don’t feel like I’m being unreasonable, but feel free to disagree, I just wanted some peace and quiet – something I want most nights but accept won’t happen because I’m at university, but this one night, the night before an exam, surely I wasn’t unjustified to want to be able to go to sleep before 1 am!

To be perfectly honest their nosiness – something which has started up again as I type (seriously can’t they do whatever the hell they’re doing in our rather large kitchen and not in the corridor!!!) – is one of the reasons I’m considering transferring Universities so that I can live at home while I study.

I feel like I’m a middle aged miserable old cow but I also feel like I’m justified to want peace and quiet (even at univeristy). What do you think?



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