That is the question.

Sorry to be really cheesy and misquote that oft-quoted line!

You see the thing is two days ago I signed up for an online dating site and after two days I’m still not sure. I’m thinking of deleting my account.

Lets start at the beginning.

If you’ve read my previous posts you know that I am absolutely 0% experienced in anything surrounding dating etc. despite now being an adult. Many a time I have daydreamed of it being otherwise and many a time I have considered online dating. This week in a moment of weakness and loneliness I actually did it.

It was daunting at first, wondering if anyone would actually like you and want to chat, but as the first day came to a close I had been liked by over ten users and was having conversations with three!

One guy is sweet but a bit over the top, BUT he’s the first guy to cool me cute, and that was a nice feeling let me tell you!

By the second day, I had received the obligatory creepy message from a middle-aged man wanting to meet up without having even said hello, but to be honest it just made me laugh. I was surprised by how many of the users are actually average to cute looking guys in my age bracket. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I don’t know, I just wasn’t expecting it.

You might be wondering at this point what’s got me in a tither about the whole thing because everything I’ve said so far has been pretty positive. The answer is I don’t really know. I just feel awkward and a bit of a fraud. I’m not sure I even want to date someone and call me romantic or a traditionalist or whatever but I want my first date and first kiss and everything to be with someone I met in real life and not over the internet.

So that’s why I’m probably going to delete my account.

What do you think? Have you ever tried online dating sites?


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