Last year, before going away for University my family moved away from the area where I grew up. We didn’t just move streets we moved counties and I now live a 3-hour car drive from my old home.

It was nice and new and exciting and I saw it as a kind of test run before going away to uni. I thought, hey we’re all going off to different universities so we’ll all be in the same situation.

But not quite.

I haven’t made any friends yet at uni so my friends are still those I made at school and college, ones that live back home. Away at Uni , we skyped and it was ok because we were all separated from each other.

But the thing is that last night they had a post new years get together with everyone and I couldn’t go. Also on new years day my two closest freinds spent the day out together and I wasn’t there.

I feel isolated.

I haven’t made new friends and my old ones are too far away to see.

Its tricky and a bit lonely.

I feel lost.


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