Today’s New Year’s Day so what else would you play with your family but the timeless classic Monopoly!

Originally my family (a brother mother and father) were going to pop down to the cinema to rewatch Rogue One (yes we are Star Wars nerds!) but my brother was heading back from Cardiff and due to cancelled trains made it back late. And thus the plan to play monopoly was born.

We used to play monopoly quite a lot growing up but as we got older and my brother got more competitive our regular games became more irregular. But we still played once a year around Christmas time, especially if we spent Christmas with our grandparents and cousins. There’s one particularly memorable game of monopoly where my grandad got so caught up in competitive nature of the game that he slapped my hand, but that’s a story for another day.

Today’s monopoly match, although impromptu in nature soon became as competitive as those games of old. Sorry, getting a bit carried away and dramatic there. Where was I? Ah yes, competitive.

As I mentioned it is my brother who becomes competitive during this particular board game, and any game to be honest, but today we felt that we had a chance. You see not only had he taken hours to get home due to cancellations and bus replacement services he was also hungover. So you can understand are feelings of hope (as misplaced as they were!)

You see he’s actually just been lulling us into a false sense of security.

Only a few moves in I scored the coveted Mayfair and Pallmall and felt victory was within my grasp. Though as the game wore on, he became more alert and as a deal was made and the reds were won I could see the end was nigh. Mere minutes late mum was made bankrupt by my brother. A bit later I bankrupted my dad.

Only my brother and I remained.

Then I landed on his hotel, and I could smell death. But I’d rolled a double -was it to be a blessing or a curse? As you’ve probably guessed, a curse. I was bankrupted. My brother was once again the victor.

I was reminded of earlier in the afternoon when my mother had suggested the game and I had replied, without hesitation, ‘not with him!’

Well, I should have stuck to my guns!

Still, it was a fun game and family time is always nice. A great way to break in the new year.

So on that note, Happy New Year! Hope you have a great one!


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