By some miracle I was ready early this morning. Walking from my residences to the lecture halls takes about 15 minutes and so that leaves me this morning with 50 minutes until my first lecture…whoops!

Theres a handy vending machine in the foyer that does coffee and my being early meant I had time to get myself one, which is handy. But now I’m sitting in the foyer twiddling my thumbs.

50 minutes is enough time to be bored but not really enough to do anything productive.

Also while my fellow students share the idea of being early to a lecture, their early is more like 20 minutes and so I still have a good wait until I can go and sit in the lecture theatre.

So I’m too early, right?

I know the etiquette for parties; not too early not too late. Maybe I should apply the same to lectures.

Having said that I could never turn up late to a lecture, I would just have to miss it. I couldn’t stand walking in and having everyone stare at you while you frantically search for a seat!

so I think lesson learned. 50minutes early is too early…I’ll try 30 next time!


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