I don’t mean to sound pushy, but seriously, do it!

I’ve been volunteering for years – in charity shops, at Pre Schools, at Village fairs; with adults, with children; with strangers and with groups and people I’ve known for years – and every little bit helps.

Whether you can spend an hour collecting money at Christmas for Shelter or can volunteer a day a week at a charity shop, every minute of your time counts.

Currently I’m involved in two projects – one with the police and another with a support call service – and they don’t stop telling me how important and valued my time is.

Also to be perfectly selfish about it, it really makes you feel good too! Put aside the fact that you’d  be helping others and just think for a moment about how you’d be helping yourself.

I was in a low point in my life when I first started volunteering and it really helped me out of my slump. It can put your life and your problems in perspective but it can also give you a bit of time away, time that allows you to have fun without constantly thinking about what else is going on in your life.

You can help others whilst helping yourself.

From my previous posts you can see that I’ve been having a tough time at the moment but getting involved in these schemes, knowing that I’m going to be helping other people who are experiencing similar or more serious issues, is helping me to put my life in perspective; allowing me to see more of the positives and focus less on the negatives.

Maybe it will do the same for you.


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