Today marks the 4th day with no hot water.

My whole flat is facing the same problem and when my neighbour inquired with security about how to fix it he said there was nothing he could do. That maintenance can’t be called in the evening – which is when this was (Friday evening) – nor can they be contacted at the weekend! So I have not had a proper shower in days because the water is bloody freezing and more than two seconds under the spray leaves you purple with cold!

I am not a happy bunny.

We pay quite a lot for this student accommodation and the least they could do is provide us with hot water. One of my flatmates was right annoyed because the other week we got fined for not taking our bins out and now they wont help when we have no hot water. Or heating. Yeah that doesn’t work either. Its layers for me!

So this morning – very soon in fact – I am marching over to reception to demand that something be done about it. As soon as they open that is – yeah, they’re not available on the weekend either!

Rant over now, mainly because I need to go and have my freezing cold shower and head out to have a rant at someone who can hopefully do something about it!

Hopefully next time I write it will be after having a lovely hot shower and I’ll be sitting in a lovely warm room.

A girl can dream, can’t she?!


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