What is Normal?

I have a T-Shirt I bought from GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt in the World – a story for another time!) that says ‘Be Weird’ over a picture of a sloth wearing a monkey hat. It is one of my favourite t-shirts.

I wore it a while ago whilst shopping in London with my best friend. We’d discovered Lush on Oxford street (the biggest Lush store in the world!), had chosen our treats to buy and had headed to the till to pay. It was as I was paying that I had the weirdest and best conversation I’ve had with a cashier in my life.

The first thing he said to me was ‘What even is weird?’ It took me a moment to remember which top I was wearing, the question seeming to come out of nowhere, but then I smiled in realisation. ‘Who knows?’ I replied. It was then that the marvellous conversation took off. ‘I mean its good to be weird don’t you think?’ he said a couple of minutes in to said conversation to which I gave an encouraging smile. ‘Well who wants to be normal? Weird is good. If someone said to me, you’re weird I’d smile and say thank you, even if it was meant as an insult you know?’ Yeah I thought. You’re right! Weird is good. Even though I’d owned that shirt for months I’d never really taken the time to think on its implications. It wasn’t until I met a random guy in Lush that I really embraced my weirdness.

Its good to be weird!


P.S. the conversation eventually ended up on bananas, I forget how we got there but we did, and then after a while my friend came over and we realised that we’d spent the last five minutes just talking and that I hadn’t even paid yet! It was a great experience all around – I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about bananas???


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