Hello, I guess. If you read my little introduction thingy on the homepage then you already know a bit about me and this blog, but I’ll reiterate here because why not.

I’m a first year undergraduate at the University of Cardiff in Wales. It’s my fourth week, going into my fifth I’ve just realised, at the Uni and I felt like now was a good time to start writing.

I’ve been writing for years; mainly creative writing with poems and short stories but I wrote for my school’s newsletter in secondary school too. I’m currently writing a fantasy novel ,but don’t worry, I won’t post any of it here, this blog is more about thoughts and feelings. Musings if you will. Sometimes on deep and relevant issues and debates and sometimes just about the really minor issue that’s been bugging me all day.

I’m not going into this expecting anyone to read what I write. And that’s not false modesty, insecurity or fishing for compliments; its the truth. For years I have tried and failed to consistently write a diary. This you could say is my last chance. A different medium to try. Now it probably won’t be as deeply personal as a dairy, but there is a certain anonymity to this so I’m not planning on holding much back. I hope that’s alright.

If you ever want to discuss anything I’ve written with me or just share your own thoughts and feelings then I do believe there is some sort of comment page or commenting facility on the post – I don’t really know yet! – but whatever or wherever it is, feel free to do so. Just please don’t be offensive to me or anyone else. Its pointless and spoils everyone else’s enjoyment. Right! lecture over! And post over to be honest.

This has been a post just to say hey really so, hey!


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